Mum whose weight loss sparked end of her marriage becomes personal trainer… and finds love with a client after he messaged her on Instagram

by fitness journalist

A MUM who became a personal trainer after shedding five stone has told how her new body bagged her a new man – after he messaged her on Instagram.

Angela Crickmore shed five stone and became a personal trainer

She took to posting snaps and inspirational messages on social media, showing off her newly toned physique, and attracted thousands of followers.

In late 2016 she received a message from car broker Mark Rogers, 51, asking if she would train him for 10 days in Tenerife over the Christmas period.

Angela agreed – but five days into the trip, the pair realised they had feelings for each other and became a couple.

She moved from her home in London to be with Mark in Nottingham after one-and-a-half weeks of being back in the UK and the couple got engaged a month later, back in Tenerife.

Angela met Mark after he messaged her on Instagram asking for personal training sessions

Now they’re excitedly planning their big day.

Angela said: “Normally I don’t reply to very many messages, so it’s like it was meant to be.

“Romance with Mark wasn’t on my mind at all, and after the first day we were just getting to know each other.

“Then out of nowhere it just happened, like a click of magic.”

At her heaviest Angela weighed nearly 14 stone, but claims her then-husband thought she was “beautiful”.

Despite this, pressure from friends and family made her feel self-conscious – and after seeing a pal lose weight she said she felt inspired to make a change.

The 5ft 1in former property manager, who put her ballooning figure down to an unhealthy lifestyle of TV dinners and fast food, slimmed from a size 18 to a toned size six by overhauling her diet and hitting the gym.

She stopped cooking for her husband and son, as her own healthy routine didn’t fit in with theirs, and eventually, after 10 years together, the couple split, with Angela’s son Luy going to live with his dad.

In 2015 Angela became a personal trainer, completing a degree in sports nutrition.

She started up an Instagram page to show off her incredible transformation and was soon inundated with admiring messages.

Angela was used to receiving daily personal training requests from all over the world, so didn’t find it out of the ordinary when she got a message from a stranger called Mark.

He asked if she would accompany him to Tenerife, flying out on Boxing Day, for 10 days of personal training.

Despite being ready for a relationship, she never expected to fall for her client.

Angela said things were strictly professional between her and Mark until a few days into the trip

The pair spent the first few days getting to know each other, and improving Mark’s fitness.

Angela admitted: “He was so unfit that after all the jogging and running on the first couple of days, he started to feel some pain in his back, so we reduced the amount of exercise.

“Instead we went for walks and he showed me around as I’d never been to Tenerife before.

“We just talked about each other’s lives and became closer.

“On the fourth day we went for dinner and he was very respectful, very kind and nice – a gentleman. I’ve always been attracted to men like that, that are a bit older.

“On the fifth day I told him I’d really love to go to the volcano, Mount Teidi – it looked so beautiful, and he’d never been either, despite having been to Tenerife about 20 times.

Angela was so heartbroken at the prospect of leaving Mark to go back to London at the end of the trip that she decided to fly home with him instead

“He wasn’t very keen to go, but I insisted. It was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been – and while we were walking he said that he liked me, and I told him I liked him too.

“It was like something clicked, and we just looked at each other and we kissed – and that was it, from that moment.”

Angela was so heartbroken at the prospect of leaving Mark to go back to London at the end of the trip that she decided to fly home with him instead.

She admitted: “We were falling in love at the airport and I joked that I’d come with him, and he asked if I was serious, so I thought, why not?

“Then after two days in Nottingham, he said, ‘Why don’t you move in here?’”

Angela returned to London to let her flatmates and clients know that she was relocating and began packing up her life.

They returned to Tenerife in February last year for Valentine’s Day, and this time took a cable car to the top – where Mark popped the question.

Angela said she couldn’t believe it when Mark proposed, less than two months after meeting her

Angela recalled: “He got a ring box out of his bag and asked me, but the box was empty.

“I was like, ‘Where’s the ring?’ and he said he wanted me to choose it. So we left the mountain and went to the shops to pick one out.”

She added: “He’s definitely the love of my life. We’re quite different fitness-wise, but we connect on so many different levels. We laugh so much together.

“I think sometimes in life you have to take the risks, and if it feels right, just do it.

“If I thought about everything that could have gone wrong, then you’d never know.”

She admitted that being back in a relationship has made her realise how easy it is to fall back into bad eating habits and abandon healthy routines.

But despite relaxing on a few of her strict regimes, she’s determined not to let the pounds creep back on.

“It’s much harder to be dedicated to your fitness than when you’re single,” Angela said.

Angela’s five top tips for staying in shape while in a relationship

  1. Get in charge of the shopping and cooking. Make a healthy dinner that’s attractive to your partner as well – that way he’ll be more likely to want to support you on your journey.
  2. Portion control: You do not need to keep up with your man’s diet and eat as much as him!
  3. Work out together: Whether it’s a long walk, game of tennis or cycle on the weekend, being active together will make him feel like he’s a part of your journey.
  4. Eat in more: While I definitely enjoy a nice meal out here and there, it’s no secret that you tend eat more calories. Keep the romantic restaurant occasions at a moderate amount, and do more at-home cooking! Preparing a meal together is a fun way to bond, plus you can ensure that your meal is healthy.
  5. Agree to a treat day: Ask your partner to stop bringing home sweets, takeaways or booze during the week. Allow yourselves one day a week when you’re allowed to be naughty.

“I can relate more now to the women who message me who are in a relationship and have kids and find it hard to lose weight.

“I’ve been through that cycle of getting married, putting on weight, losing weight, being single, then getting into a relationship again.

“It’s so hard, especially if the partner isn’t into fitness. You have to be doubly strong and motivated and really want to change.


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“I told Mark that whatever he did before has to change – everything now has to be my routine, and that includes good, healthy eating habits. He has to eat what I eat – and luckily he loves it!

“He’d never had breakfast before, so now every day we have it together. Since I moved in he’s lost a stone!”

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