Nashville Home Gym Build

by fitness journalist

Our house has a very unfinished walk out basement that felt like it was just bursting with opportunity.  We decided it was the perfect spot for a home gym build.

First, we added a storm room in the basement since Nashville is a hot spot for tornadoes.  Once Matt finished that room and it turned out so well, we decided to take advantage of the space and also add a home gym build.

Here’s what we started with…

Talk about unfinished, right?

We had 9.5′ ceilings though and a great space to work with.

As you can see, we already had studs and door frames in place, so the builders clearly had a plan in place to do something with this space, but never executed it.

The first thing we did was have a floor installed.  This subfloor was a new addition with our home gym build.

The next step was putting up the walls and that’s when they discovered the water damage on the above wall which turned this project into an absolute nightmare.

Thankfully, the water damage has been repaired and our insurance covered the loss.  PRAISE GOD!

We hired a contractor to put in the floor and drywall, but then Matt took over from there.

He found a local company to buy reclaimed wood and constructed this beautiful shiplap wall.  It turned out so beautiful.

Matt thinks it took him and his dad about 10 hours to install the wall.  It’s definitely a conversation piece.

Doesn’t it look awesome?

Matt wanted true gym floors, so we went with PLAE rubber flooring.  They are so high quality and made the space feel like a true gym.

I really had Matt take the reins on this project and he chose the lighting, fans and most everything.  He did such an awesome job.

The addition of the mirrors really helped make finish off the space and made the room feel even bigger.

Of course, Matt had to have a tv in the home gym build, lol.  I love the strip lighting behind the tv as well, it just adds a nice accent to the space.

The back wall is my corner of the gym.

I knew I had to have three things: an infrared sauna, ballet barre and Pilates reformer (coming soon!).

Matt had the idea for a boxwood wall and it turned out so cute.  I think we need our own HGTV show, don’t you?? LOL!

I’ll write a detailed blog post review on our infrared sauna soon, so stay tuned.

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