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Dr. Chana Davis is a scientist with a PhD in genetics from Stanford, and 10 years of experience in cancer research and personalized medicine. She is a plant-based Vancouver mom of 3 who is passionate about sleuthing out and sharing science-based, plant-smart advice.

Today we discuss all things next-generation plant-based burgers (specifically, Beyond burgers and Impossible burgers). We discuss whether these burgers are healthy (and the definition of “healthy”), and how they compare to beef in environmental impact. We’ll discuss glyphosate (an ingredient in Roundup) within the context of these burgers, and how the Beyond and Impossible burgers differ from each other.

Meat analogues like these are excellent sources of plant-based protein. But there’s still a myth that surrounds this: that plant proteins are “incomplete” proteins. Chana does some amazing bullshit-busting around this issue.

Also on the menu is the natural versus synthetic fallacy. Just because something is “natural”, doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Some of the most toxic substances on the planet are completely natural, and not manmade. Similarly, organic does not mean pesticide-free – so you’ll hear about the pesticides used in organic farming, and their regulation (or lack thereof).

Listen below!

Important topics and points you don’t want to miss:

     >> Are Beyond and Impossible burgers healthy? What does “healthy” mean, anyway?

     >> What are the key differences between Beyond and Impossible burgers?

     >> Nutritionally and environmentally, how to these plant-based burgers compare to beef?

     >> A discussion of glyphosate in the context of these vegan burgers.

     >> Organic versus conventional farming. Organic does not mean pesticide free.

     >> The natural versus synthetic fallacy. Just because something is “natural”, doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

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