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One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight, go to the gym and get fit; though many of these aspirations fall a little short! As such, January is often one of the busiest periods for personal trainers!

Personal Trainer Awareness Day aims to highlight not only how busy trainers are during January, but also to highlight how much more chance you can have of sticking to your exercise and weight loss routines if you retain a personal trainer, and show some love and appreciation to all the personal trainers our there that have helped us change our lives for the better and make resolutions reality!

History of Personal Trainer Awareness Day

At the beginning of the 2000’s, two fitness professionals named Jim Labadie and Joey Atlas took a look at the surge of people signing up to the gym in hopes of fulfilling their New Year’s Resolutions of losing those few pounds, and then they looked at the personal trainers, whose lives become completely swamped with work at that time, and they decided it was time to say thank you.

Personal Trainer Awareness Day was born out of what the pair deemed necessary in order to say thanks to all of the personal trainers of the world whose lives are turned nearly upside down at the beginning of January every year in order to help the rest of us reach our fitness goals.

When you are exercising with a personal trainer, Labadie and Atlas said, it may indeed seem to you like you’re the one doing all the work, but it takes plenty of planning, analyzing and consideration on the part of the personal trainer to make sure your hard work amounts to something in the end. Personal Trainer Awareness Day is the day to say thank you!

How to celebrate Personal Trainer Awareness Day

Take the chance Personal Trainer Awareness Day offers you to show your appreciation to your personal trainer for all he or she has helped you achieve over the months or even years that you’ve been working together.

If you have a workout on that day, be sure to try extra hard to show your personal trainer how seriously you take his or her advice; you may not see it this way, but when you slack off it may well demotivate your personal trainer and make him or her feel like all of his or her planning and advice is being disregarded. You should also take a moment or two at the end of the training session to say a nice thing or two about how well your personal trainer does his or her job, and how much he or she has been able to positively impact your life with his or her instruction.

If you’ve lost some weight under the instruction of your personal trainer, or have managed to regain your pre-pregnancy look or the form you had before an injury, tell your him or her about it! It will only take a minute or two, but saying something like that is sure to make his or her day! A personal trainer’s goal is to help you, so we should let them know they’ve done just that!

Personal trainers are of then the unsung heroes of the fitness world. Be sure to show your personal trainer how happy you are to have the opportunity to work with them this Personal Trainer Awareness Day!

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