Personal Trainer Fat-Shames 25-Stone Woman By Telling Her She’s ‘Too Heavy’ For His Gym Class

by fitness journalist

Personal trainers are supposed to make you look good and, equally, make you feel good while you do it. Any and all criticism should be constructive and there should be no barrier the trainer doesn’t think you can break through.

But for one woman in Leicestershire, it looks like her 25-stone bodyweight was too big a barrier even for the trainer to attempt to get her over.

33-year-old Lisa Parratt has been valiantly fighting the fat at Slimming World since January and has already shed two stone from her original weight, but her confidence took quite a hit when one Gary Randall – who also goes by the rather narcissistic nickname of ‘Buffmaster’ – decided to humiliate her by rejecting her attempt to join his outdoor workout class.

According to him, she was just ‘too big’ to take part.

It might not seem like much, but Ms Parratt has a history of anxiety and has needed an emotional support dog to cope with the stresses of her daily life. This, combined with the fact that Mr Randall decided to break the news to her with an audience on a Facebook group, has naturally led to a needless knock of confidence in herself. She has since posted screenshots of the chat on her own social media pages in order to raise awareness for other overweight individuals on the receiving end of Mr Randall’s insensitivity.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Ms Parratt said: ‘I don’t hide from my weight but I do expect a professional personal delivering a professional service to give a better response than that.

‘Why didn’t he come over and have a quiet word with me when he saw me?’

Mr Randall, whose exchange with Ms Parratt on the chat is riddled with spelling and syntax errors, is clearly not the brightest tool in the shed. But he’s not alone in this over-inflated sense of superiority that comes with being ‘The Buffmaster’.  In my own personal experience, male personal trainers can be incredibly obnoxious and patronising, often interrupting my workout to tell me I’m doing it wrong or I should try another exercise regime as the one I’m doing clearly isn’t turning me into Dwayne Johnson (which has never been my goal anyway), often with an audience to really hammer the humiliating nail home.

After the experience, Ms Parratt ‘spent the night in tears’ and was conflicted as to whether she should tell people what had happened. But considering other people struggling with mental health issues like her, she decided it was right to name and shame Mr Randall for everyone know they were not alone.

‘I was worried that if he said something like that to the wrong person they might not be here now,‘ she said. ‘I wanted to raise awareness so I posted it on Sunday night a few hours after his message.’

Ms Paratt has received a gush of support from the social media community after her post, which immediately went viral and caused Mr Randall to try and defend his actions without making any kind of apology to Ms Parratt.

‘Always best to be honest in my business sometimes brutally,’ he wrote, ending the post with a saccharine ‘#TeamBuffmaster’.

He later went on to describe Ms Parratt as ‘a very silly woman’ and described her actions as ‘making herself look like a fool’.

Again, kind words from the gentle giant Mr Randall.

He has since edited his Facebook business bio to omit the phrase ‘number one for fat loss and fitness gains’, distancing himself from clients he doesn’t deem worthy of his tuition. But the joke is on him as Ms Parratt has been offered free membership from various gyms across the region, as well as Instagram star Diren Kartal pledging his services as a trainer free of charge.

Mr Kartal also mocked Mr Randall’s alter-ego of ‘Buffmaster’, claiming it sounded more like a cleaning product than a fitness guru.

‘It has been really overwhelming, I just want to say thank you to everyone,’ Ms Parratt said.

‘It has made me realise there is a lot more good in this world than I thought. When it first happened I just wanted to give up but now I am determine to prove him wrong.’

If she carries on achieving what she has the last nine months, it looks like that won’t be a problem.

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