Personal Trainer Heidi Aragon PRAISED For Teaching ‘Creepy Old Guy’ A Lesson For Staring While She Was Exercising

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Personal trainer Heidi Aragon is a force to be reckoned with and she proved to so many how important it is to speak up for your rights.

Heidi was recently praised for posting on social media a recent TikTok video where the trainer stands up for herself after a ‘creepy old man’ couldn’t stop staring at her.

Source: TikTok

Sharing her clip, the trainer captioned her post with “Don’t just sit there and tell me you’re not doing something when I have proof of it”.

In the startling video, Heidi places her phone in a manner so she could film herself while performing squats. But before she could stop, she noticed a creepy old-aged individual just staring at her, right before walking over.

“He just kept staring at me and then kept on coming over too,” she tried to explain to her viewers.

Source: TikTok

And that’s when the star trainer decides to call up her husband and requests him to workout, right next to her. But surprisingly, her husband’s presence did absolutely nothing to deter that individual from his weird staring tactics. Moreover, he continued to stare at her, which proved to be an extremely uncomfortable situation.

“I really thought he’d get the picture, so I began doing my set again. But I guess not so I got so fed up and went on over to address him,” she boldly says.

Source: New York Post

“Can you stop this,” she yells, looking at him dead in the face. “If you wish to work out in this corner, then you need to stop staring and making me feel uncomfortable,” she stated. But that’s when the elderly man says that he’s ‘just looking around’.

On that note, Heidi explained to him how she records all of her workouts and now has him on her footage too. And before she knew it, he shut up real quick and quit his staring act.

Source: New York Post

Since then, Heidi has been praised for sticking up for herself while calling the man out on his behavior.

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