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It’s been a while since we had a new social media “influencer” saga to eat up and forget about in a week, so when Strength Avenue personal trainer Daphne Loo had some tea to spill a few days ago, we were all for it.

On Monday, Loo had received an email from a so-called international wellness coach, motivational speaker and lifestyle blogger by the name of Serene Martin, who had been looking for a gym that would be interested in her social media marketing package. Touting a following of over 30,000 people on Instagram (with the number of paid followers in question), Martin offered multiple posts on Instagram, Facebook, her blog and YouTube channel for the cool price of $3,000. Yikes.

On top of that, the gym would have to provide her at least 36 personal training sessions throughout 12 weeks, which was the biggest aspect Loo did not care for.

“WOW I HAVE TO PAY YOU TOO?! $3000 for me to train you for free AND I still have to repost your shit and help you increase views on your Social Media channels?” she wrote.

“Our sessions are priced at $120 for a single session (or as low as $80 if you buy 20 sessions up front). So not only am I losing at least $4,320 in potential income, and a minimum of 36 hours that I will never regain, I HAVE TO PAY YOU $3,000?!”

It’s safe to say that Loo was not interested in what Martin had to offer, as she railed against similar “influencers” who offer exposure in exchange for getting services without paying for it.

“Well henny, Exposure ain’t gonna pay the bills we have nor feed the families we have. And don’t forget, she’s asking to be paid as well, for the exposure,” Loo wrote about Martin.

‘Selectively misrepresented’

In response to Loo’s viral post, Martin had to speak out in her own defense, accusing the personal trainer of having “selectively misrepresented” the email she sent out to local gyms.

“The email was a business inquiry sent to their business account with a social media marketing proposal which detailed what was the work that would have been done for the charges proposed,” Martin said, insisting that she had not requested free personal training sessions.

Oddly enough, Martin appeared to have forgotten that she did ask for sponsored (i.e. free) training sessions as part of her marketing campaign proposal.

The “influencer” then went on to insist that she does pay all the personal trainers she worked with and stated that the gym and Loo could have chosen to ignore her email rather than putting it all up on social media. It has, according to Martin, led to an “onslaught of personal attacks on (her) appearance, profession, and values”. Screenshots of derogatory comments directed at her were shared.

In any case, Strength Avenue and Martin are now enjoying bigger attention from the public — both parties would have stayed relatively unknown if it wasn’t for this saga.

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