Personal Trainer Steph Daniels loves helping people get in shape at BBGH

by fitness journalist

Helping people reach their wellness goals and watching as they improve their physical health is why Box Butte General Hospital Rehab & Wellness Center personal trainer Steph Daniels, CPT, loves her job. “I like helping people get healthier,” she said. “I started my fitness journey in 2014 and lost 35 lbs. I fell in love with all things fitness ever since, teaching fitness classes in CrossFit soon after, and then when I came on board here at the Wellness Center in October of 2017 as a Wellness Center Attendant. Now as a certified personal trainer I get to share that enthusiasm even more with others. It’s really fulfilling.” Steph joins Courtney Schnell, MS, CPT and Tim Aanenson, CPT as personal trainers at the Wellness Center.

Steph recently obtained her personal trainer certification with the American College of Sports Medicine. She studied general anatomy, physiology, medical conditions impacting fitness programs, how to properly do exercises, and how to implement a program that meets the client’s goals. She is also attending WNCC to obtain an Associate Degree in General Health and Coaching.

As a personal trainer, she sees her role as a teacher in the proper use of exercise equipment and provider of knowledge that is evidence based and correct for her clients. “We always evaluate each client before we start their training,” Steph said. “Learning their medical history, doing an assessment of their current abilities, and learning what their goals are is important so any exercise regime we develop for them is designed to meet their goals in a safe manner. The first session with me focuses on obtaining their medical history and doing the assessment. Then I’ll develop an exercise routine in time for their next visit. When they come in I will go over the routine with the client and we’ll start training on how to use each piece of equipment and how to do each exercise properly. From then on I’ll be there to encourage them through the rest of sessions they’ve signed on for, as well as make sure they reach each set of goals along the way.”

Steph also teaches several fitness classes at the Wellness Center. “I lead Express Fit classes three times a week, Chair Yoga once a week, Senior Fit once a week, and Total Body Tone twice a week,” she said. “I always say that routine is the enemy, so I like to vary my classes and personal training sessions so that it doesn’t get old for my clients.”

Personal training sessions are all individualized. “It depends on the person’s level of fitness and their goals. Everything is going to be individualized. If a person wants to get stronger, we’ll do more on strength training; they might want more endurance, so we’ll focus more on cardio exercises.”

“Our Wellness Center is loaded with modern equipment,” she concluded. “We have a great staff that is here to help all our members keep healthy no matter their age or medical conditions and we all really enjoy our interactions with our members.”

Steph is a native of Alliance, graduating from AHS in 2012.

Wellness Center coordinator Dan Newhoff has high praise for her, saying, “Steph, like the rest of our personal trainers, is definitely making a difference in the lives of her clients.  She not only provides great structure and guidance in her sessions, but also gives her clients the tools that they need once they are done with training.  We are all about sustainability and giving our members and clients the tools to be successful on their own.  Personal training contributes positively to the client’s individual health goals, self-confidence, and their quality of life.”

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