Ronnie Coleman Looks Strong Training Arms in Home Gym

by fitness journalist

Ronnie Coleman is training arms like a beast in quarantine.

Ronnie Coleman is a beast of a man. One of the most massive bodybuilders to ever compete, Ronnie Coleman always cut an impressive shape on stage. While he may have suffered through many injuries, Coleman still is training hard.

Say on thing for Ronnie Coleman, say he never slows down. While everyone is in quarantine lazing away watching Netflix, Ronnie Coleman is earning his moniker “The King.”

During his harrowing time where everyone is locked inside, the ability to train for a bodybuilder is more paramount than ever. While some have to use creative methods to train, Ronnie Coleman is lucky enough to have his own home gym.

While quarantined at home Ronnie Coleman is still training arms like a savage.

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Ronnie Coleman wasn’t an eight-time Olympia champion for nothing. Quarantine may have stopped many people from living their lives but not Coleman. “The King” never misses an opportunity to train and now is no different.

What do you think of Ronnie Coleman and his home gym?

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