Save Money On Fitness – Put A Home Gym In Your Gaming Room

by fitness journalist

Americans with gym memberships spend forty to fifty bucks per month on their memberships, plus initiation fees. This means that they spend about eight hundred dollars a year on exercise. When you skip the costly gym membership and put a home gym in your gaming room, you’ll save money on exercise and you’ll be able to catch up on episodes while you get fit. Exercising from home saves money, and it’s convenient. You won’t need to drive anywhere. Your post-workout showers will happen right in your own bathroom, rather than in a gym locker room. To create a cost-effective home gym that helps you to get fit, add one piece of large fitness equipment, some smaller fitness accessories, and a few exercise mats.

Which large piece of fitness equipment is best?

If calorie-burning is your goal, you should consider investing in an elliptical machine. A woman who weighs 160 pounds will burn off 345 calories with just 30 minutes of elliptical exercise. If you’ve never used one before, you may find this large piece of fitness equipment intimidating, but it’s quite easy to use. While you will need to invest between one and two thousand dollars to get a high-quality fitness machine of this type, you’ll be able to use it for years. It’ll give you “gym membership” results, without the gym fees. If an elliptical is too expensive, go for a budget-friendly recumbent stationary bike or a rowing machine. Use your new fitness machine to access cardio exercise regularly.

Add some smaller fitness accessories

To make your home gym a fun and functional place, add some practical fitness accessories, which don’t cost nearly as much as large fitness machines. Dumbbells are a great buy. They help to keep arms sleek and sexy. Medicine balls and kettlebells are also good options. Medicine ball exercises may be used to sculpt and strengthen abs. Kettlebells enhance power and endurance. Think about the types of workouts that you like to do, and choose your smaller fitness accessories accordingly. Even a jump rope from the dollar store can be an amazing fitness accessory for a home gym. Old-fashioned exercises, like jumping rope, challenge the body and boost fitness.

Don’t forget the exercise mats

You can do floor exercises on your home gym exercise mats. When you need a rest, they will also be cozy places to watch the most addictive TV shows or listen to gaming podcasts. Fitness mats provide a bit of cushioning that protects the body. Choose yoga mats or gym-style mats, based on the types of exercise that you enjoy doing.

Commit to a fitter you

Gym memberships cost a lot, and many people stop using them after they buy them. They get busy or lose motivation, which means they waste money. When you put your fitness dollars into a home gym and outfit your home gym with a large fitness machine, smaller fitness accessories and exercise mats, you’ll create an environment that draws you in and inspires you to work out. If you put a home gym in your gaming room, you’ll be able to enjoy multimedia from your computer or TV while you get fit.

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