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Styletto Lifestyles: The Personal Trainer

If you were a personal trainer like Tom, you would spend a lot of time on the move. He sees a lot of the world, and he wants to hear it too. With Styletto from Signia, he can do just that.

Exercising is about more than just moving your body. It’s about improving yourself and learning to appreciate the world around you. If you were a personal trainer like Tom, you would spend a lot of time on the move. Soccer, cross country and track were just a few of the hobbies that made up his active lifestyle even in his youth. When he began working as a personal trainer, it was an opportunity to show people what they were capable of. However, Tom’s hearing loss made him worry about how he was going to achieve his personal goals. Where hearing loss limited his senses, hearing aids could limit his potential. Then, he was fitted with Styletto hearing aids.

Pause, Don’t Stop

Since learning about hearing aids, Tom was dreading having to stop and buy batteries every week. However, his new hearing aids are zinc-air free. Where most other hearing aids use disposable batteries, Signia designed Styletto with lithium-ion batteries. This allows for portable rechargeability, putting his hearing aids on the same level as his phone or laptop.

Thanks to Styletto, people like Tom no longer have to stop what they’re doing to head for the nearest pharmacy when their hearing aids run out of power. They can simply slip them into their charging case at the end of the day before they go to sleep.

Going Strong, Moving On

Tom doesn’t have the time to stock up on hearing aid batteries every month, and having to stop and recharge every few hours isn’t his style. However, Styletto doesn’t require any of that, he can make it through his entire day without worrying about recharging. And Styletto’s slim portable charging case makes it easy to continue moving forward, regardless of where he is. The case provides the power for him to use his hearing aids up to four days without even going near a wall socket. He can simply tuck it into his pocket or sports bag and keep going.

With Styletto, people like Tom can begin their days with a morning run and move straight into work-out sessions. At the end of the day, you can tuck your hearing aids away for an overnight charge. This convenient handling gives Tom the freedom to focus on what matters, and not how low his batteries are. In fact, he might have more trouble keeping his phone charged than his hearing aids!

Looking Good and Feeling Good

As a personal trainer, Tom helps people look and feel good. However, he had some doubts about how a hearing aid would make him appear to others. Styletto’s stylish design helped him overcome those doubts. Being hard of hearing doesn’t mean you have to forfeit your sense of style. Many people believe that hearing aids are too conspicuous and might adversely affect their self-image.

Built to achieve a stylish, refined look, Styletto is not just a high-tech hearing aid. It looks like a piece of modern tech, hidden neatly behind Tom’s ear. When people do notice it, they barely recognize it as a hearing aid.

Combined with Signia’s unique Own Voice Processing (OVP) and a natural hearing experience, Styletto is more than just looks. With his new hearing aids, Tom can have full confidence in how he looks and sounds. OVP gives him a more natural-sounding voice, one that he can enjoy hearing when he’s training clients or relaxing with friends. He can hear better again and take full control of his life in the process.

You can find more information on our Styletto product page and find your nearest hearing care professional with our online store finder.

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