SYTIRY Home Treadmill with 10’’ Inch Color Touch Screen, 3.25 HP Folding Treadmill for Home with WiFi Networking, Aerobic Fitness Trainer for Running, Walking,and Jogging,Suitable for Home/Office/Gym

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Price: $799.00 – $599.99
(as of Feb 28,2021 12:23:57 UTC – Details)

Product Description

SYTIRY Amazing Treadmill with12″ Touchscreen

Do you enjoy running? Are you hesitating which treadmill to choose? Are you still struggling with the high cost of the gym?

2020 Latest 12″ HD Color Screen Treadmill: WIFI Networking, built-in APP,3D outdoor simulated running, audio-visual world, 36 kinds of programs, the

above functions are all available, satisfying everything you need for smart folding treadmills.

12” HD Large Color Screen: Brings you the ultimate audio-visual experience, supporting music, video, and a range of apps. Remove the boredom from workouts!

3D Outdoor Simulated Running: several scenarios include mountain trails, urban parks, rural runs, and high-altitude roads. With so many options, each run is different!

Simple Lubrication: The lubrication hole is located on the outside of the treadmill, so it’s easy to add a little bit each month (lubricant provided).

Hydraulic Folding System: The hydraulic folding system allows you to fold easily and avoid strong impact on the floor due to violent collisions.

Upgraded Shock Absorption: The sophisticated shock absorption system protects your knees, ankles, waist and other joints during exercise.

3.25hp&brushless Motor: Stainless steel gears and a brushless motor gives you plenty of power with a minimum of noise.

Reminder:A small part of the machines need to run at higher horsepower for 3 minutes after purchase to perform the running-in of the motor hole position and the carbon brush. During this period, there may be loud noises, and the noise will become very small after running for a period of time.

36 Customized Programs & Heart Rate Monitoring

SYTIRY with 36 programs:You can adjust your personal exercise plan at any time according to your personal habits.

Many different training modes:you can experience different modes such as jogging, aerobic exercise running, fat burning exercise, mountaineering training, etc., exercise every joint of your body and experience the pleasure of running.

Medical heart rate tracking:our SYTIRY adopts a newly upgraded program that will track your exercise data in real time. Professional heart rate measuring instrument allows you to exercise more scientific and enjoy a healthy life,get a perfect figure easily.

SYTIRY Home Treadmill with WIFI Control, Configured Popular APP like Facebook, Youtube and More, So You Can Enjoy Music&Video Playback at Running Time

SYTIRY Treadmill the Choice of Most People

Wifi and Local Playback: You can use Google search via the touchscreen, or open up Youtube at a single tap. And if you prefer, you can upload local files and watch your own videos offline.

Exercise data monitoring:Monitor your exercise time, speed, calories and heart rate, you can observe your exercise data in time to adjust your running status

Built-In Hi-Fidelity Bluetooth Speaker: Aside from high-quality visuals, you can also enjoy high-quality audio from the Bluetooth speaker system.

Features of SYTIRY Treadmill

12-Inch Large Touch Screen

The SYTIRY treadmill has a 12-inch touch color screen. You only need to connect to your home’s WIFI to have online entertainment, including popular apps such as Facebook and youtube, to make your exercise more interesting.

3.25HP&Brushless Motor

The 3.25HP super powerful motor provides speed changes from 0.5-9.0MPH, which can meet the sports needs of different runners. The upgraded brushless technology effectively reduces noise and keeps your sports environment below 57 decibels.

Three-in-One Shock Absorption System

The three-in-one shock absorption system provides a front, middle and rear three-level buffer mechanism, which progresses layer by layer, effectively reducing the impact of running and protecting your body.

Running Machine Detail

Medical Heart Rate Sensor

monitor your exercise heart rate changes, so that you can adjust your exercise plan in time, so that you can exercise more professionally and get an excellent body.

Emergency Stop Device

Magnetic safety lock and multifunctional safety rope provide you with intimate protection, when you need to stop running, you only need to remove the safety lock.

7-layer soft running belt

Diamond stripes & multiple shock absorption running belts: provide strong friction and effective shock absorption, protect your safety and knee, ankle, waist, neck and other joints and muscles during exercise.

Fidelity speaker & online music

Fidelity speaker & online music player: Let you enjoy high-quality music online experience while exercising, you can download the music you need locally at any time to listen.

Running Machine Detail

Hydraulic folding system & easy storage

The upgraded hydraulic folding system can be folded easily, and the soft landing system can effectively cushion to avoid damage to the floor during folding.

Running belt adjuster & safety

Don’t panic if you find that your walking belt makes an abnormal sound. It may be due to a long time use that has caused the walking belt to shift. You only need to use the walking belt adjustment rod in the accessories to adjust it to both sides.

Multifunctional transport wheel

Make your treadmill move more convenient, just lift it gently, you can pull it from the bedroom to the living room, start your running, convenient and fast.

Tail damping pad

It can effectively reduce the extra pressure by 80%. The latest SYTIRY treadmill in 2020 is exclusively designed to be different from other treadmills, allowing you to exercise healthy.

SYTIRY Treadmill, Easy to Get a Good Figure.

SYTIRY is a Brand Focused on Customer Demand

Design purpose: Enjoying the healthy life brought about by sports is what we always respect. Our designer designed SYTIRY in 2020, so that more people can experience the charm of running and fall in love with sports ! Enjoy a healthy life.

SYTIRY let you enjoy the joy of sports.

Product Parameter Configuration

Screen Size: 12 inches

Voltage: 110V

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Motor Power: 3.25hp

Speed: 0.5 to 9 mph

Unfolded Size: 54.6″ x 27″ x 52.2″

Folded Size: 25″ x 27″ x 53.2″

Net weight: 102lbs

Max. Supported Weight: 265lbs

Package Contents:

1x Treadmill (with accessories and tools)

1x User Manual

[WiFi Connection and Entertainment System]: The large 12-inch color touchscreen is able to connect to the internet, so there is limitless entertainment available. With the high-quality speakers you can also listen to your favorite tunes as you run, motivating you through long workouts.
[36 Programs and Heart-Sensor and Outdoor Scene Simulation]:36 kinds of running Programs are pre-installed.Get real-time heartrate data as you run,and you can choose from several scenarios that provide a variety of workouts including mountain trails, urban parks, rural runs, and high-altitude roads. You can also create custom programs via the large interactive screen. In order to get the most suitable exercise effect.
[Plenty of Apps In-Built and Multi-Function Display]: With popular apps like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter Pre-build in to the system, you can entertain yourself and browse your social media while you run. you can also download any application you need through the App Store and Google Chrome.The system can monitor your speed, distance, time, calories burned, and heartrate, and all this data can be analyzed on the bright touchscreen, so you will get the ultimate running experience.
[3.25hp Motor and Shock Absorption and Hydraulic Folding System]: The motor is powerful enough to allow you to run at up to 9mph, and delivers smooth performance at low speeds too. The 44″ x 16″ diamond-pattern running belt provides plenty of grip, and the 3-in-1 shock absorption system protects your ankles, waist, knees,and other joints. And with the hydraulic drop system, you can unfold the treadmill effortlessly.
[Peace of Mind and Worry-Free After-Sales]: Offers an emergency stop system, and has obtained a range of certifications including CB, CE, FCC, and ROHS. Shipped quickly from inside the United States and a one-year warranty for the motor and frame is promised. In addition, any treadmill parts can be replaced for free within 12 months, so you can buy with confidence.

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