Tangents + we are putting together a new home gym!

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The morning trade-off… I finish my run and then he is off to work!  

My hips and body are needing all of the stretching right now.  

It was my first run of the season in pants and probably my first run in a very long time in matching socks;). 

We were then off to school and Brooke was so happy to turn in her ‘Marathon in a Month’ slip to the office.

PS the marathon slip they were given stopped at 26 miles but Brooke did the additional .2 miles because when you work so hard to do 26 miles you just HAVE to go to 26.2.

Skye has Grandma School this week so that is a big topic of conversation at our house right now.

The biggest highlight of our day was going to pick up some pumpkins…

She was proud of herself for balancing the pumpkin on her head.


I have a few tangents to talk about today…

*This week we are turning part of our garage into a ‘gym’ which I am very excited about.  With the addition of another baby it is going to be a bit trickier getting in as many outdoor runs as I normally do now for a little while and the garage is going to work so much better than what we’ve been doing in the past.  It will be close to the baby’s room and all in the same area now (right now the treadmill/bike are in a tiny room in the basement and our lifting stuff is in the shed in our backyard).  We also bought a new piece of equipment that Andrew and I are both super excited for on it’s way—> A ROWER!  I’ve never had a stronger core than a time a few years ago when I was consistent with the rowing machine so I’m excited to see how that helps my running.

Here is the before:

*I’ve learned one very valuable thing from Grandma School and that is that having a prize box is as motivating as it gets for my kids.  My mom has one at her house and it works like magic so Skye and I went to the dollar store to put one together for our kids.  I’m thinking I will use this for them once a week when they check off all of their virtual assignments/homework.

*Still no eggs but they sure seem to be happy running around our backyard so that makes me happy.  

 *Des posted this and like usual, she speaks so much truth!

*The mountains are STUNNING right now… BUT PLEASE BE CAREFUL.  This just happened to a runner on a trail in our county.  

PS I’m warning you before you watch this that this video is very scary but the runner does survive.

Runner’s Corner posted these tips from the DWR for if you ever come in contact with a cougar.

*Treat ham and potatoes.  We had this Sunday night at my sister’s house because her kids had been requesting it and it took me back to my mom making it when we were growing up.  The sauce literally tastes like a treat (because it is ha) and I could put it on everything—>  My mom starts with 1 cup of brown sugar in a bowl and then adds mustard until it is the consistency of a sauce.  She then just keeps adding both until she has the amount of sauce she needs and heats it up on the stove.  

I used to make this meal for kids that I babysat 14 years ago and I ran into them the other day and they asked me to make it for them again because they still think about it all of these years later.


Do you ever use a rower?  Do you love it?

What animal freaks you out the most?

What is your run today??

Share a tangent with me!

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