The 20 Best Personal Trainer Website Designs

by fitness journalist
There’s no doubt that a well designed website can be huge asset to your fitness business. The right look can help to establish trust, build rapport and well designed layouts can accommodate the website visitors next logical step in their journey to hiring a PT.
If you’re looking for some of the top fitness website designs to both inspire and motivate you to build a website of your own, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the best fitness websites for your viewing pleasure.

Our Top 20 Personal Trainer Website Designs

We love all things website design and user experience related. If you’re as excited about the best personal trainer website designs as we are then you won’t want to wait. We’ve compiled a complete list for you here:

1. Armoury Coaching Studio

The Armoury Coaching Studio website design project was more just creating a fit-for-purpose fitness website for Lewis Roberts’ personal training business. He approached the My PT Website team with the goal of wanting to rank on page 1 of Google.

The first step after auditing his website’s SEO performance was to transfer it to our platform. Then we worked on optimising the pages, tweak the layout to align it with the latest user experience best practices and also to create a clear brand message.

2. The Body Blueprint

The guys at The Body Blueprint made sure that anybody who lands on their home page get an instant insight into how they work with their clients through the video that plays in the header.

After scrolling down the parallax effect keep the experience exciting and also provides details and links to both in person and online training details so ready-to-buy readers can find the info they need.

3.  Roman Fitness Systems

When you look at that header you instantly know that you haven’t just landed on yet another fitness website that says the same thing. The language of the copy was written with a unique sense of humour to grab attention and keep readers intrigued.

The visual design elements tell us clearly we need to make a choice before moving on to find out more details. If a reader decides to scroll down anyway, they will be hooked up with a fiction story about the founder of the system and yet another footer full of useful info. The website visitor also will have the chance to search for the info needed.

4. Morelli Fit

The MFit website is somewhat different from all the others on the list because it offers a range of products besides a few fitness services and positions itself more like an online store.

After choosing the goal, the website visitor will be directed to a landing page which will have all products and services listed that can serve that goal to be achieved.

While the amount of options may cause analysis paralysis for the faint hearted who have just realised they have a problem to solve, people who know what they need and are ready to commit or buy a specific product will be able to find it quickly and take the next step. 

Robert is a Fareham based personal trainer who decided to focus his marketing efforts on promoting his online services during a period what we can consider the most challenging time for personal trainers as well as the rise of online training.

Robert brought his logo, so we created the layout and the design elements around the colour and the brand feeling that it represents. The visuals used were designed to highlight the online coaching features so that the visitor understands immediately what the RCotterillPT services offer.

6. Mark Personal Training

Mark is also a Managed Website client who hired us with an audience-ready concept. All we needed to do was to refine the visual elements, like pictures, buttons and placement of information so his ideal clients can find everything they want to know about his services.

We used his brand colors to make the website look clean and organized and placed keywords strategically in the header, subheader and in key paragraphs to boost his SEO ranking.

I love the simplicity of this site so much we features it on our very own list of best personal trainer websites.

7.The Robards Method

Tim Robards has a clear brand vision that shines through his logo, the placement and colors of the design elements of the website and even the small details like the tiny figure at the top right that marks the login page of his members.

One thing I highlight often is that your personal trainer website is best built with purpose with the target audience in mind. It’s primarily a lead generating online marketing tool and as such anything extra can be a distraction.

Tim does a great job of attracting people who are looking for a system to accompany their training and help them get to their goals.

8. The Body Coach

There aren’t many people across the globe who have an interest in fitness and who don’t know Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach is. Because he’s known by everyone, Joe can afford to do things differently with his website.

For example, unlike most personal trainers, Joe can jump straight in to asking for the sale.

The man has done a great job with his marketing team in building his audience and his strategy now seems to be built on ready-to-buy clients. You can still find all the standard options in the navigation, but they come after the testimonials and product sales CTAs.

Paige Hathaway’s website has been built with similar principles in mind, counting on readers who already land on the website and are ready to purchase one of her products or sign up to her program.

The main difference is the use of colors, shapes and more sophisticated elements to appeal mostly to female clients while letting her personality shine through.

This a simple, one-page website with a feminine but strong design, with the sole purpose of creating a vibe around a future product by getting people to sign-up to be informed first hand when the program goes live.

​Stephanie has 1M followers on Instagram and her bio is linked to this website. This way once she has had enough interest to deem the program worthwhile to be launched, she can make her next move and cash-in on this strategy.

Matt Roberts has been a top ranked personal trainer website in the UK for years. His branding is sophisticated and clear and has the right balance to appeal high performing individuals in London.

The content he puts out is always high quality and the pictures are captured to showcase the variety of ways his trainers can help prospects achieve their goals while keeping their Londoner image intact.

Notice that the footer is ready to meet the new GDPR regulation guidelines by informing website visitors about how their data will be handled by the website owner and also gives any trainers a chance to check career opportunities.

12. Strength Coach Glasgow

Allan Young’s Glasgow based personal training and strength and conditioning venture needed a simple and clear online presence that would encourage website visitors to take their next logical step and reassure them they are in the right place.

​Both the header and the sub-header was worded to help Allan’s website rank higher in search results for his keywords.

Up Fitness have a track record for getting people amazing body composition results. So much that their header was designed to provide a proof of that as soon as you land on the page.

I believe that a personal trainer’s best marketing strategy is getting results for their clients and showing them to their prospects. You can have the best copy and amazing pictures on your website, but if you can’t support your claims, people will keep searching until they find a trainer or a company that can. 

Up Fitness know this and make the most of their client success stories in their marketing.

Xenios also uses client success stories on their home page but in a more subtle way in the background so whatever he promotes in the header stands out more. In this case it’s a CTA for people to register for a free live seminar.

Attending the masterclass promises free access to a Guide that would normally cost money. It’s all about value first for those that want to get in shape on a busy schedule.

15. Gordon Greenhorn

Gordon Greenhorn is a prime example of using yourself as the brand for your business. Gordon uses a simple, clean and modern design with subtle branding to promote his online personal training services.

The first thing you see upon scrolling is more info about Gordon, success stories and clear, easy to understand training packages.

Scott is a celebrity trainer with a beautiful, clean and simple brand. When you scroll down his website, you’ll find out who he’s endorsed by and celebrities he trained in the past. He also writes articles and was featured in the Telegraph and many magazines.

What I particularly like about his header design is that the video option is available for those who would like to check it out, but this way it doesn’t disrupt the user experience by auto-playing as soon as the visitor landed.

17. ​David Kingsbury

David is another celebrity trainer who prides himself in having helped dozens of actors in Hollywood to get in shape, but at the same time he’s dedicated to help real people to get real results. The reader only need to click to the Customer Results page to find out that’s true.

The header has a clear message and call-to-action to encourage readers to take their next logical step on their fitness journey, His brand colors appear at several locations of the website but they stay subtle and keep the overall design clear.

Anna Victoria’s Body Love website has clearly been designed to target women on a similar mission: to lose weight and become lean and confident all while loving the process and their bodies.

The choice of brand colors and the colourful pictures are there to appeal to a specific female clientele and encourage them that  they too can achieve their fitness goals.

Jose is one of the coaches who decided to use a video intro in the website’s header to help visitors quickly understand for what he stands. I’m not a huge fan of auto play videos but the way it’s embedded allows the readers to pause the video or take he voice off.

Jose has some pretty strong brand yellow colours that don’t often work well but they’ve been used in such a way that it’s not overwhelming and contrasts well with both light and dark backgrounds.

20. ​Forge Fitness

Forge Fitness and Nutrition Coaching do a great job of directing their website visitors down their chosen path with clear and simple options. Fitness or Nutrition.

The site also has a strong and simple brand and very clear navigation.

The Book Appointment button leads straight to a calendar making it easy for people who are short on time or just want to speak with someone to get in touch easily.

While Forge Fitness isn’t the best personal trainer website design from an aesthetics point of view, it won me over with it’s simplicity and well used stock images.

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