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As we enter the new year, millions of people have set resolutions for themselves, whether they be to better manage their time or to get back into hobbies. Though there’s one popular resolution that many people set each year, and that’s to get into better shape. If you haven’t chosen that resolution for yourself, then someone you know most likely has.

Despite the popularity of it, many people fail to accomplish the goals they have set for themselves. One of the biggest reasons for this is the fear and anxiety that come from going to the gym, especially for someone who doesn’t have a whole lot of knowledge about where to even begin. A solution to such an issue is hiring a personal trainer, as they provide a set plan of what to do, from meal plans to workouts.

Though they’re a pricier option, a personal trainer will dedicate their time and resources to helping people reach their goals. After just a few sessions anyone should be able to see results, something that many find harder to do on their own. No two trainers are the same, and doing research will prove to be beneficial for anyone looking to hire some help.

A great example of such an individual is Alessandro Cassano, an Italy-based personal trainer and self-defense coach. For his clients, Alessandro applies his vast knowledge of martial arts and neuro-linguistic programming to each one-on-one session he has. NLP helps individuals change their points of view and influences them to work toward their goals, which has had a high success rate for his program.

Alessandro’s fitness program is named TRIVO, an Italian acronym that translates to Intensive and Definitive Goal Training. The hard work that goes into his business comes from a genuine passion for fitness and helping others lead healthier lives, and the success he’s achieved by doing so has led to some great opportunities.

Alessandro has done multiple interviews for a range of Italian media outlets, including TGCOM, Ansa, Corriere Economia, and Just Fashion Magazine, and even for international publications, Forged and The Sun. This has understandably amassed him a significant following on his social media, such as , and Alessandro consistently posts uplifting and inspiring content for his 70,000+ followers.

Since the pandemic began, Alessandro has been more and more active on social media, and part of it is due to the fact that the gym where he works had to close down because of covid’s lockdown. He’s still been able to provide clients with online sessions over the last year but, fortunately, he has plans of opening a new gym in the city of Parma in the next few months. Updates will be available on Alessandro’s Instagram.

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