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by fitness journalist

My husband follows several popular Crossfit athletes on social media and one of them shared this morning that kettlebells and dumbbells are sold out across the country. Seems like a lot of people who relied on gyms are working on their home fitness during quarantine. Toilet paper isn’t the only thing selling out because of this pandemic.

So it’s no surprise that I’ve had an uptick in DM’s asking which treadmill I use at home. I purchased a Sole Treadmill in December when it became too cold for me to push myself outside to run. This is my second Sole Treadmill – the first held up for almost a decade but I sold it shortly before we moved.

I bought my treadmill on Amazon but it’s currently sold out there but still available for delivery from Dicks Sporting Goods. Before all of this social distancing was a thing I had paid $89 for in home set up (through Amazon). I felt the service was WELL WORTH the charge (though my husband put my last one together) so if you happen to purchase the treadmill after these COVID safety measures are over that’s something to consider.

The incline on this treadmill goes to 15% and it has a fan. For under $1,000 I think it’s a great machine. It doesn’t have some of the fancier bells and whistles other treadmills have, but plenty for what I was looking for. I mostly use my treadmill during the colder months so I didn’t want to invest too heavily.

I love the Peloton app for running workouts but you can find tons of free treadmill workouts on Pinterest and through Google as well. The Peloton app, which is around $13 a month right now, also has yoga and bootcamp type classes you can take for the same monthly price.

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