Top 5 Best Whole Body Vibration Machine For Weight Loss Reviews And Guide

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Top 5 Best Whole Body Vibration Machine for Weight Loss Reviews and Guide

A lot of people want to lose weight and improve their health but they often give up due to the tiresome exercise routines. What if I told you there is a simpler, non-tiresome way you can get rid of body fat, strengthen your body, and generally improve your health.

You don’t need to take any weight loss pills or those bitter smoothies.  The best whole-body vibration machine will help you achieve more than you can imagine by just standing there. So, how do you get the best from the many and how effective is it? Below, I will explain what this machine is, its benefits, and some of the best you can choose from.

What is Whole Body Vibration Machine?

A whole-body vibration machine is a machine that transfers vibrations of any frequency to the body. With the best vibration platform machine, it is easy to stand, sit, or even lie on. When turned on, it will vibrate and transmit energy onto your body. The energy transmitted then forces the numerous muscles in your body to contract and relax several times in a single second.

The activity will make you feel like you are exercising your body when in reality you are just in one position. Whole-body vibration machines usually help to burn fat, improve blood flow, increase body strength, decrease stress hormones and so much more.

How to Choose the Best Whole Body Vibration Machine?

There are a number of things to look at for when buying a whole body vibration machine. Aside from the price, there are other important factors to consider on the machine you wish to buy. So, how do you know the best vibration machine to buy? You can look out at the following:

Top Five Whole Body Vibration Machines Reviews

LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

LifePro vibration plate machine is a user-friendly machine built with beginners in mind. This machine comes from the LifePro brand and it weighs only 33.1 pounds with dimensions of 30.5x 15.3x 5.8 inches. This model boasts several beneficial features you are going to enjoy every day.

Important Features

Superior quality

The machine comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is tested and proven to be comfortable to use and also durable. Aside from lasting a lifetime, it will not give you any side effects on regular use. The vibration plate as well as the bands on this model is risk free as they are made to be safe to use by anyone. It quality stands out making the machine a safe exercising equipment to use in a home with kids around.

Online user manual

Once you purchase this vibrating machine, you will get instant access to workout videos which are absolutely free. The videos have all the instructions and some have professional ideas from coaches who have trained numerous people helping them lose weight. In case of any injuries and decide to use this machine, there are videos specifically for helping patients recover quickly. No matter who you are, the design of this manual will assist you in all ways to achieve what you want from this machine.

Special design

LifePro waver vibration machine has a unique design with multiple speeds ranging from 1 to 99. Therefore regardless of your strength and abilities, you get the right speed to work with. Do you wish to work out in the living room, bedroom, or even in your backyard? Utilize the wheels attached to the machine for easy maneuverability. Additionally, it has a remote control plus a display screen for user convenience. It allows you to set the speeds you want and other settings easily since you can see what you are doing on the screen.

Buying guide

This machine is not too large as it has dimensions of 30.5x 15.3x 5.8 inches. The maximum user weight is 330 pounds and if you are more than that you need to try other options. It has one function and its motor type is 1-oscillation. It is mainly for lymphatic drainage but works well for full body wellness.

LifePro Turbo 3D Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Another vibration plate exercise machine from LifePro is LifePro turbo 3D. it is ideal for pain relief such as aching knees, lower back pain, and even arthritic joints. Also, it is great for relieving chronic pain, boosting strength increasing bone density, improving metabolism and so much more. LifePro turbo 3D comes with some great features seen below.

Check the Features

3D vibrations and lifetime support

The three distinct movements (3D) include pulse, oscillates and both. As you train, choose any of these movements to get better results. With three movements, you have more options to choose from depending on what you want to achieve. On top of that, on purchase you get instant access to free workout videos from professional coaches. You also get a lifetime support for as long as you have the LifePro turbo3D.

Handle and wheels

This exercise plate machine is equipped with a handle as well as wheels for portability. Use the handle and the wheels to tow the machine to your preferred workout area and back to its storage place. What’s more impressive with it is the anti-slip rubber placed on top and at the bottom of the machine. Do your Workouts without worries of slipping off and falling even at intense speeds.

Adjustable speeds and remote control

There are up to 99 speeds on this vibrating machine and they are adjustable. You get gentle, recovery powerful workout speeds. In addition to that, there are also 8 program settings from gentle to recovery until you get to powerful workout sessions. Control and adjust your speeds and other settings using the included remote control.

Buying guide

The maximum user weight of this machine is 330 pounds with dimensions of 7.4x 18.8x 31.8 inches. You should go for this machine in case you suffer from chronic pain, blissful pain, need full body wellness, and recovery. Along with the machine are 2 loop bands, remote control, ready set pro user guide, turbo vibration platform, and 4 resistance bands.

LifePro Rumblex 4D Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Are you looking for a fast, low-impact, and effective vibration plate exercise machine? The LifeProrumblex 4D might be what you need. The machine is great for regaining strength and recovery. It is a comprehensive vibration machine that doesn’t only work specifically with one recovery. Some of the features it boasts include the following.

Important Features

3 motors and 7 training modes

The rumblex 4D machine is equipped with up to 3 motors delivering up to 4 dimensions of therapeutic vibrations. The 7 training modes for the 4 therapeutic vibrations include rock, pulse, oscillation and any of combination of the three movements. Regardless of what you want to achieve or your recovery progress, you will get it from these 7 training modes.

Remote control and Bluetooth

The remote control on this unit is wearable. This means you can keep working out and still change and adjust the settings of the machine straight from your wrist. The remote also has Bluetooth making connections very easy and offering more convenient workout sessions.

Safe and steady

LifeProrumblex 4D machine is made with user safety in mind. Although there are vibrations involved in the workout process, there won’t be any slips or falls during the sessions. The anti-slip rubber put at the top and the bottom ensure you work out in the safest way free from minor accidents. The platform is designed with a curved shape to offer proper balance and keep the machine steady on the ground.

Buying guide

Whether it is full-body recovery, pain relief, repair, rehabilitation, or weight loss, this is the machine you need. It is among the most comprehensive vibrating plate exercise machines you will find on the market. It is best if you want something that will handle almost everything.

Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Workout Machine

Next is the hurtle fitness vibration machine from the hurtle brand. It is so lightweight you can carry it with you anywhere. It comes equipped with many features that help you achieve a lot, especially in the abs, thighs, and buttocks section. Below are some of the main features.

Important Features

Targets the abs, thighs and buttocks

Do you want to get a more toned body especially on your buttocks, abs and thighs? Hurtle fitness is what you need. It targets the whole body but mostly the three said parts. It produces high powered vibrations thanks to the motor.The motor delivers 2300 and more revolutions per minute for better results.

Unique vibrating platform

It has a dynamic oscillating motion technology which will allow vibrations to be emitted to the whole body for strength training as well as full body fitness. The machine is also tested from the lab before it reaches the user to reduce any appearance of cellulite.

Adjustable speeds

The machine features up to 20 levels of speeds which are also adjustable. Regardless of your strength and workout capability, you will find a great use for these speeds according to your preference. It will take you from gentle to recovery to a powerful workout. Furthermore, it offers 10 minutes of workout sessions.  The time setting for each workout is enough to give the best results and allow you to do other things.

Buying guide

Before you buy this unit, make sure you are looking to improve your abs, thighs and buttocks. Other special benefits like lymphatic drainage may not be effectively sorted with the machine. For full body workout, you can buy this model as well but other than that try other options.

Powerfit elite vibration plate exercise machine

Are you in need of a more exciting way to shake your abs, butt, legs and even the entire body? Powerfit elite vibration may be what you need. It offers full body workout and tremendous results in a very short time. Get a slim, firm and an overall sexy body when you choose to invest in this unit.

Important Features


With its advanced technology, this machine will engage all of your body’s muscles once you step on the vibrating platform. No part of your body will be left out as everything will be engaged to offer you a transformed and well defined body. The resistance bands included with the machine adds more value to the machine making it seem like you are in a cardio gym.

Variable speeds

The speeds range from 1 to 99 giving you different options to choose from to optimize your workouts. Your workouts can start from the lowest speeds depending on your strength and keep improving with time to the highest speed levels for better results. Use the machine for pushups, squats, bicep curls core, yoga, cross pulls among other forms of exercises.

Remote control and safety

Powerfit has a remote control specifically made to help the user adjust and set the speeds and other settings like training modes. Additionally, it has anti-slip rubber at the top to prevent you from slipping off the machine as you work out. The rubber is also at the bottom to keep the machine steady on the ground regardless of the speed you are working out with.

Buying guide

Consider this machine if you don’t want to spend too many hours in the gym exercising to achieve a sexy body. It is ideal for different workout exercises that help to improve your health and body. It can also help to lose some body fat when used regularly for the given amount of time recommended. However, keep away from it if you are looking to recover from certain injuries or diseases.

Vibration Machines and Power Plates

Whole body vibration machines come with a device called a power plate. The power plates are the ones responsible for emitting the vibrations to the body. Power plates will emit vibrations at a high speed in numerous directions of your body. This in return makes your muscles relax and to contract quickly in a second.

However, whole body vibration machines come in different types meaning each comes with a different power plate. Because they are made differently, they will also perform differently that is why it is important to find the best power plate machine. The best part about these machines is they vibrate, the power plates transfer the energy while you just stand there doing absolutely nothing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Whole Body Vibration Machine Helps to Lose Fat?

Our muscles are made up of three fiber types including the slow twitch, fast and super-fast twitch. The slow twitch muscles normally utilize very little energy. The best activity to engage them is walking as it will burn fat but not as quickly as in the other muscles. Fast twitch muscles are less efficient as they use more energy some of which is wasted. Super-fast twitch muscles are the ones consuming most of the energy in a very short time.

 So how does whole the best whole body vibration machine for weight loss engage all the muscles without wasting energy? Simple, the machine will turn on the super-fast twitch muscles which in turn activate both fast and slow twitch muscles respectively burning lots of calories in seconds.

What are the Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Machine?

There are many whole body vibration machine benefits and some of the most important ones include the following.

When to Use a Vibration Exercise Platform?

With the various benefits of a vibration exercise platform, it is safe to know when to use it and for how long you can use the machine. Vibration machines mainly engage the muscles needing a lot of energy to activate. Why is it important to know when to use the exercise platform?

Most experts will tell you to use it for about 15 minutes in a day and not more than that. This is for a very good reason. Like I mentioned the platform engages your large muscles needing more energy therefore as they are activated they will need time to repair. Excessive use of the vibrating exercise platform may end up hurting the muscles instead.

Is it Safe to Use a Vibrating Exercising Machine?

I know it may be hard to believe you can actually achieve more by just standing on your vibrating machine without any side effects. That is why most people keep wondering whether the vibrating exercising machines are safe to use. The answer to this question is two sided.

Yes they are safe to use if you are in good condition and have been recommended to use by your doctor.  You will need the best vibration plate machine to use as it has no side effects. However, they are not safe to use if you have certain conditions. Such conditions can include the following.

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