Where do I start, I want to do a Personal Trainer course

by fitness journalist

Tons of YOUR questions about our personal trainer course and more answered here.

Q: What’s the difference between training providers and accrediting bodies?

ANSWER: All training providers and their relevant accrediting bodies (ITEC, FETAC, REPs) provide you with the certification required to start your career in fitness.

If you are considering emigrating make sure your certification will travel with you by contacting REPS Ireland via their website and following the registration and porting process before you travel.

ALL Reps Ireland accredited certs are recognized in the same countries anyway so it doesn’t matter where you study as long as the cert is REPS Ireland accredited you will be fine.

For those who aspire to be the best they can be, it is necessary to look beyond the certificate and look for an education.

Research the ethos of the training provider and the calibre of the tutors.

Remember that to be the best, you must learn from the best. And that boiled down to the education you get on course not the “cert” because as we said they are the same. Education on course is what’s different.

Q: What makes a successful personal trainer?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, many training providers throw out cheap courses, make a fortune and churn out inadequate trainers that are classed as industry ready. They, however, lack skills in basic programming, personalised nutrition and mobility and movement principles.

The future of the fitness industry, with regards to courses is slowly changing for the better.

Do your homework! Ask around and if you know a trainer whom you respect and consider to be on top of their game – pick their brain.

The best trainers we see coming through the academy are the ones who have thought it out and have clear goals in what it is they are trying to achieve and made plans to get there.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a fully made plan right now we will help you build one when you get here on our business and marketing module which will give you a huge advantage over other trainers anyway.

Q: How can I best ensure my success?

ANSWER:Seek out a training provider who is geared towards arming you with cutting-edge skills which will ultimately put you ahead of the field.

The industry is ever evolving and training providers should be manoeuvring their syllabus to correspond.

Successful personal trainers are experts in marketing themselves.

You may have all the certificates in the world but if you lack the knowledge in how to build your product and market yourself, you will fail to acquire clients.

Q: What makes EliteFPA different?

ANSWER: Our aim is to, and has always been, to provide aspiring fitness professionals with an education, not just a certificate. Disillusioned with the quality of the mainstream training frameworks, we designed our own courses, our own manuals and our own approach. We don’t vouch to know it all but we are constantly learning and reeducating. We refuse to teach old school dated info that we know has been challenged refuted and proved wrong. Instead, what we do is teach our students to critically appraise different fitness and nutritional trends. We don’t advocate for any singular approach but we do invite debate to the end of supporting the professional development of our clients.

Our mission is and always has been to foster the creativity of our students.

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Q:Whats are the next course dates for PT ?

ANSWER: They can all be found on our website right here in this link


Thanks for all your questions its been great to give the answer an hopefully some help back to you guys catch you soon!

Regards, Elite Team.

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