Whole Body Vibration for Seniors

by fitness journalist

Becky Chambers is back talking about how seniors can improve their lives with Whole Body Vibration.

With whole body vibration, you can improve your mood, reach your optimal weight, increase circulation, reduce inflammation and joint pain, but most importantly, have increased energy to live your life to the fullest.

Using a whole body vibration machine is simple! Unbox it, plug it in, stand on the platform, set the settings, and turn it on. The most beautiful aspect of this machine is you do not have to be superfit to use it. If you can stand up, you are set to go. A workout takes between thirty seconds and ten minutes max! You may be old enough to remember the reducing machine of the nineteen seventies? You know you’d stand on the platform and place the belt around your hips and let the machine do the work? It was fantastic! With today’s machine, you no longer need the belt, and it exercises your whole body in no time at all. Plus, the machine’s footprint is so small you can place it anywhere in your home. No need to visit the garage for your exercise unless you just want to!

We talk about

  • What is whole body vibration
  • How to use the system
  • Benefits of the system for seniors
  • Who Olympic athletes have used this system
  • The gentlleness of the system on your body
  • How the machine helps with cognitive processing
  • How to increase your bone density
  • Better sex life
  • The right machine for seniors
  • How the machine assists with decreased overall pain

Becky Chambers is a natural health practitioner, teacher, author, and the president and owner of Vibrant Health. She is a world expert in whole body vibration with twenty years of experience, and author of the best-selling book on the subject, Whole Body Vibration: The Future of Good Health. With her latest book, Whole Body Vibration For Seniors, Becky brings a gentler, more integrated form of this now well-established workout system to the people who need it most. Becky has a bachelor of science degree from the University of Massachusetts, a master’s in education from Lesley College, and a graduate degree in natural health from Clayton College of Natural Health.

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