Why It’s Important to Find the Right Space for Your At-Home Treadmill

by fitness journalist

If you’re like many people with a gym membership, you’ve probably had to stop going to the gym last year because of the pandemic. But this doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit as more and more Americans are working out at home on treadmills. Where you put your treadmill can make a huge difference in whether you regularly use it. Here’s what you need to consider when finding the best spot for your at-home treadmill, along with our wide range of fitness products.


Do you have an empty room? Maybe you’re an empty-nester now with a spare bedroom. This could be an ideal spot for your treadmill. It’s usually a good idea to locate a treadmill in a room not being used, although there are other rooms that could work. 


Placing your treadmill in your basement can give you sufficient room for running on it as well as doing stretching exercises and using free weights. Consider how the basement is a room that’s less likely to have other family members stop by as they would in your living room. What’s more, a basement can provide more privacy for a workout.


If you have a garage with enough space for a treadmill, this could be another possible location. Working out in your garage can give you time alone for yourself and an escape from the routine of doing your family chores. You could always open up a door or window if you want some fresh air or a view of the outdoors. Consider adding some potted plants for color as well as providing more oxygen.


In addition to providing privacy, a bedroom treadmill can also help in motivating you to get up in the morning and exercise before starting your day. Just think about how, as soon as you wake up, you can jump on your treadmill and begin exercising. Furthermore, you can burn off more fat by exercising before eating breakfast.


Positioning your treadmill correctly is also important. You’ll probably want to put your machine next to a window or in front of your TV. If your treadmill faces a brick wall, you may not feel bored and unmotivated.

Place a motivational poster or vision board in front of you so that you can remain motivated. For example, you could hang a poster of your favorite beach that could help in getting your body in shape for that new bathing suit you plan to buy for your summer vacation.


Do you live in a multi-level home? To avoid disturbing family members, it’s better to have your treadmill at the lower level of your house. If you’re in an apartment complex, put your treadmill on the bottom floor,  so you won’t bother your neighbors. Having your treadmill on the top floor can create annoying noises for residents living on lower floors.


When you choose the right space for your treadmill, working out can be fun and not seem like a chore. As a result, you’ll use your treadmill more frequently. Are you looking for high-quality exercise equipment? Then look no further than Landice. Contact us and learn more about our wide range of high-end residential and commercial exercise equipment, including treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes.  

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